Some of the projects I have been involved...

No Clash

NoClash is a social media initiative about the physical and social sciences. Its videos are watched worldwide and garner FaceBook views of around 80,000 for each video about the the relationship between science, life and Islam. In this episode Clare Forestier explores the cosmic calendar in the Quran ...

Sky Sports

Technology in sport is helping both teams and athletes gain a competitive advantage. But the impact is not just being felt on the field, the broadcasters know more than anyone that technology matters. In this programme, Clare Forestier speaks to Barney Francis, MD of Sky Sports to find out how he plans to keep his business at the forefront of innovation.


In a customer-centric world how important is the happiness of your employees? It could be the key to a successful business but means into investment into an ephemeral concept. Clare Forestier talks to the co-founder and CEO of Anyperk, Taro Fukuyama, who believes companies can only reach full potential by building a unique and rewarding workplace culture.

Enterprise Security

Managing security in an enterprise is not for the faint-hearted. The CISO needs to have eyes everywhere, the authority to effect change, and the ability to negotiate and compromise. Much like the skills needed to handle a teenager, as Clare Forestier investigates ...

Live on Periscope

Live from HPE Discover Clare Forestier visits the Synergy experts at Hewlett Packard Enterprise to f ind out how their 'composable' technology is set to simplify enterprise IT

C-Suite Challenge

 It isn't the job he started out doing, it keeps changing all the time, and the modern CIO has to ensure his team are at the essential innovative centre of everything. So Clare Forestier asks, is IT the hardest job in the C-Suite?

Live from HPE Discover

Clare Forestier caught up with Deputy Chief Engineer at HPE Security Services, Pete Schmidt, to find out about situational awareness in cyber defence