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A Tale of Two Lunches: Gender Equality & Empowering All Women

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Last week I had two lunches with groups of women that have really forced me to think hard about feminism.

At Monday’s lunch we helped each other in our businesses. It was empowering and there were laughs about clothes, hormones and holidays. We ate a lovely restaurant meal, and left feeling inspired and supported.

On Wednesday we also enjoyed a hearty lunch. There was laughter too, and girly chat about clothes. But, also tears, shouting, a row, conversations about STDs and finding a safe place to live.

The first was a regular networking lunch with my group at Women Mean Biz. I paid for this lunch.

The second was Drop In at One25, a Bristol charity helping the most vulnerable women in the city, those trapped in street sex work, often homeless and addicted to drugs or alcohol. I volunteered to be there.

While I am cared about and inspired by the first group of women, I want to support, love and inspire the second. There’s no point talking about empowering women, if we’re not helping the most vulnerable women.

So in two weeks time I am sleeping rough for One25’s SleepOut to raise awareness and funds for them.

This is a shameless plea to sponsor me. 80% of women who street sex-work are homeless. I’m sleeping out in the open for one night so that they don’t have to.

If you'd like to sponsor me please visit my Just Giving page.

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