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Media Training

Many organisations want to engage with the media because getting  your story into the press is a great way to promote what you do and raise your brand profile.


But it can be nerve wracking, because you lack experience, it’s out of your comfort zone or you may worry about being misrepresented. 

If you are trying to raise your profile in the press, you will more than likely be spending significant time and budget on PR but do you have enough confident media spokespeople to make the most of these opportunities?


Are you unsure about how to interest the media in the first place? Are you worried the journalists will get fixated on the ‘wrong’ angle? Perhaps you've done interviews but the spokesperson is never invited for back and you don't know why?  It’s highly likely the organisation is not telling the right stories or understanding what the media really wants.

So when your hard work on the PR and press releases pay off and journalists start returning your calls, you will want to have confident spokespeople to talk about your business.


 As an experienced journalist I help ensure that when the microphones appear, you and your team are ready and prepared to maximise the opportunity. My training enables you to take charge of the interview and ensure that the story YOU want to headline the article or feature is the one the journalist chooses.


I run straightforward, entertaining and engaging teaching sessions that yield practical results - so you know how to successfully wrangle the media; keeping the journalist happy and promoting yourself and your business positively at the same time.

You will be able to handle negative questioning and be such a great contributor that you get asked back! And you will have a stable of trained, confident staff who are actively pursuing media opportunities and want to talk to journalists.  


I’ve train people across multiple industries and roles. From blue chip firms to charities, startups and entrepreneurs, to scientists, chefs and politicians.  Some of my clients are looking to raise their profile, others to prepare for tough media scrutiny, others needed help when things have gone wrong for them in the news, and I help them navigate the crisis interview and take a front-foot approach.


I talk from real life hard earned experience. I didn't pick up my craft on a course learning how to teach media training.  My 20+ year career as a broadcast journalist taught me how to create authentic connections and make an impact on every kind of audience.

If  you want to  feel confident when facing journalists and showing off what you can do in the media, message me now!



Greg Howson,

Communications Director,

Supermassive Games

Clare was the presenter and journalist on a video we produced in conjunction with ITN and TIGA. She also ran media training sessions with some of our teams.


For both projects she was great to work with, bringing real passion and professionalism each day. I was delighted with both projects and thoroughly enjoyed working with Clare.

Charles Cai,

Chief Data Intelligence Officer,

McDonald's China

 I highly recommend Clare for round tables, interviews or media training around innovations, digital transformation, Analytics 3.0 and Industry 4.0 etc with C-level senior executives!