Media Training

Engaging with the media and getting your story into the press is a great way to promote what you do and raise your brand profile. 

  • But are you ready to do it? 

  • Do you lack experience with the media? 

  • Are you worried about being misrepresented?

  • Do you know how to interest journalists in the first place?\

If you are trying to raise your profile in the press, you will more

than likely be spending significant time and budget on PR. You may have already be doing interviews. If so, you know that improving your public speaking will help you in so many ways. 

  • Do you have enough competent and confident media spokespeople to make the most of these opportunities? 

  • Do the journalists fixate on the ‘wrong’ angle?

  • Has your spokesperson ever been invited back for another interview? And if not, do you know why?   

  • Do you actually understand what the media really wants?

Working with me will ensure that when the hard work with the PR and press releases pays off and journalists start returning your calls, you will be ready and prepared to maximise the opportunity.


When the microphones appear, you will have plenty of competent and confident spokespeople available to promote your business.


You will take charge of the interview and ensure that the story YOU want to headline the article or feature is the one the journalist chooses.


This is for you if you want to:

  • Raise your profile

  • Positively promote your business 

  • Talk to as many of your customers as possible 

  • Take a front foot approach to the media 

  • Be ready for tough media scrutiny

My media training includes coaching from an experienced journalist, and 'real-life' online/print, radio and TV interviews with veteran camera operators used to working for national programmes.

My training will show you what journalists and producers want.  It will demonstrate ways for you to control the interview


I will teach you how adjust key messaging to your personal style and you will learn the difference between different press and how to exploit those differences.


It will boost your confidence & personal impact: teaching you how to improve vocal expression, breathing, body language.

Caitroina McCusker, Lead Consulting Partner for Education PWC UK

“Clare provided media and presentation coaching ahead of a major foreign conference where I was to face the unique challenge of presenting and talking to the media using a translator and within a different cultural setting.


Clare showed me a helpful structure to use when presenting, fielding questions and in 121 discussions.

Her coaching included techniques to manage stage presence and direct conversations.


I found it particularly helpful in teaching me how to control the pace, delivery and style of my presentation, particularly when it came to navigating the choice of language and the timing challenges of translation.


Clare is a skilled and confident coach who expertly tailors the session to suit the needs of the participants. She shares her own experiences and learnings which helps to bring her sessions to life. 


I would not hesitate to recommend Clare to executives looking to improve their approach, delivery and presence at speaking engagements and when talking to the media.”


Liam Creedon  Head of Communications, The Donkey Sanctuary

Clare’s training was pitched at just the right level and enabled the course attendees to quickly pick up

and practice the key elements of media training.

By the end of the session, all attendees were confidently dealing with a range of tricky interview scenarios.

They really enjoyed the course and found the training useful and relevant.

I now have a suite of trained spokespeople to deploy for media interviews and  the confidence they will do a great job.

I talk from real life hard earned experience. I didn't pick up my craft on a course learning how to teach media training.  My 20+ year career as a broadcast journalist taught me how to create authentic connections and make an impact on every kind of audience.


I’ve media trained numerous people across multiple industries and roles, from blue chip firms to charities, startups and entrepreneurs, to scientists, chefs and politicians. 


I don’t just share the techniques of successful rhetoric and tips for media interviews,  I help you develop a delivery style that fits YOU, that gets your message across and engages the audience.

I happily work with clients in a variety of different ways: with individuals or through workshops and training days.


I’d love to talk to you about how I can help you feel confident when facing journalists and showing off what you can do in the media.