copy of Presentation Training

Making important presentations are a vital part of most modern job roles.


Delivering positive, confident and impactful speeches, pitches and job interviews is key for promotion and success.

Do you wish you had more confidence in your skills to exploit these opportunities?  Perhaps you dread public speaking and find it hard to get your message across?

Do you know you are failing to showcase your skills and talent properly and know you could do better? Are you worried you sound too corporate or boring and struggle to engage the audience?  Maybe you're terrified of being tripped up by negative questioning or of failing in public?

If so, improving your public speaking will help you in so many ways and this kind of training will stay with you for life.

My job is to help you sound awesome and be memorable for all the right reasons.


We all want to present our best selves to others and my training will enable you to confidently and skilfully talk to any audience, make presentations and tell interesting and engaging stories in interviews, and when talking to clients, investors and bosses, so you can wow that audience, get that promotion, present your pitch with pride. 

Working with me will give you the confidence to talk to and engage any audience, techniques to overcome fear, deflect the negative and highlight the positive, and the skills to construct and deliver high calibre speeches and presentations.

My 20+ year career as a broadcast journalist and interviewer has taught me how to create authentic connections and make an impact on every kind of audience, keeping them entertained and educated at the same time. I have the benefit of also having worked inside businesses and coached many professionals so I understand both the business agenda and the audience and media needs. 

I train people across multiple industries and roles. Experts preparing for international speaking engagements, entrepreneurs honing their business pitches or keynote talks, managers wanting to engage and inspire their staff, small businesses wanting to maximise media opportunities, and individuals preparing for promotion boards.


They all need the skills to improve their confidence, overcome their fears and make memorable and powerful presentations, whether it's to promote a service, teach colleagues, talk in a relatable way, share their knowledge,

and generally feel comfortable speaking to any and every kind of audience. 

I teach them the skills to weave interesting stories to make the points they want to make in an engaging and interesting way.  I coach them to channel their emotions, boost their confidence and to engage successfully with prospects, clients, their peers and the media.

Ultimately improving your public speaking will also have an impact on how well you communicate on a personal level. You’ll be more articulate and will be able to express yourself better in social situations and build rapport.


I talk from real-life hard-earned experience. I didn't learn my craft on a course on how to teach public speaking.  My 20+ year career as a broadcast journalist taught me how to create authentic connections and make an impact on every kind of audience.

So if you want to make the most of your presentation opportunities, boost your confidence and communicate with impact, I’d love to hear from you.


Please go to my Contact page and send me a message.

Johnny Davis,

Senior Manager,


I  worked with Clare to prepare for a promotion interview.

Clare brings incredible energy and insight to her coaching sessions, she was able to quickly ascertain the areas of my interview technique that I needed to focus on and we quickly put strategies in place to help make an immediate impact.

In our follow up session, we were able to quickly put my preparation to the test and focus on honing my experience and examples so that I felt confident answering whatever was thrown at me.

Without a doubt, my interview would not have gone half as well if it wasn’t for the guidance and coaching that Clare provided.

Her own experience as a journalist combined with her personable working style puts her head and shoulders above other coaches I’ve worked with.

Alice McCullagh

Head of Cities,


I’m so grateful to Clare who coached me over the past year to have the confidence and content to deliver engaging presentations and panel discussions with impact.

Through understanding my challenges, Clare supported me with specific training sessions to equip me with the skills and tactics I needed to speak to an audience of over one hundred.

I would recommend Clare to anyone wanting support in public speaking and presentations. Thanks!