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Presentation Training

Nearly all modern job roles require us to make important presentations, and I help people make positive, confident and impactful speeches and pitches.

Do you wish you had more confidence in your skills to exploit these opportunities?

Perhaps you dread public speaking and find it hard to get  to get your message across?  

Do you know you are failing to showcase your skills and talent properly?   Watch my video, above, to find out why you should have public speaking training.

Johnny Davis,

Senior Manager,


I recently worked with Clare to prepare for a promotion interview. Clare brings incredible energy and insight to her coaching sessions, she was able to quickly ascertain the areas of my interview technique that I needed to focus on and we quickly put strategies in place to help make an immediate impact. In our follow up session, we were able to quickly put my preparation to the test and focus on honing my experience and examples so that I felt confident answering whatever was thrown at me. Without a doubt, my interview would not have gone half as well if it wasn’t for the guidance and coaching that Clare provided. Her own experience as a journalist combined with her personable working style puts her head and shoulders above other coaches I’ve worked with and I won’t hesitate to give Clare a call next time I need some help!

Greg Howson,

Communications Director,

Supermassive Games

Clare was the presenter and journalist on a video we produced in conjunction with ITN and TIGA. She also ran media training sessions with some of our teams.


For both projects she was great to work with, bringing real passion and professionalism each day. I was delighted with both projects and thoroughly enjoyed

working with Clare.