Event Host

You’ve decided to run an event. Great. It’s a brilliant way to promote a new product, your business, or innovative ideas and concepts.

So you find a venue, confirm dates, engage event organisers, book speakers, and start contacting attendees. Fantastic. It’s going to happen

...But have you considered who’s going to host it all on the day? 

  • How will you open and close proceedings?

  • How will the speakers be introduced?

  • How will you switch from segment to segment and make it seamless?

  • What’s going to keep the audience engaged and everything flowing smoothly on stage?

  • How are you going to have time to talk to your key prospects and make new contacts?

This is for you if

  • You want your audience to be the focus of the day

  • You want care and effort to be taken to make sure the attendees learn, are inspired and feel a momentum towards taking action

  • You know that event hosting is a specific skill that is much more than entertaining a crowd or having a polished speaking voice.

  • You recognise the value of a professional experienced moderator who can facilitate interesting panels and conversations 



Working with me solves the problem of how to present the event on the day. 

I run the stage for you. I welcome the audience, I make sure all the speakers get a warm introduction, I keep the momentum high, and attendees engaged, and bring together all the different strands of your event into one coherent message. 


I give you the peace of mind and support so you actually enjoy it, you get to schmooze with your attendees and clients, actually do some business, feeling confident that I will guide the day and make sure all runs smoothly on stage. 

What I do is bring my unflappable style and 20 year’s experience as a broadcast journalist and business event host. 


l ensure the continuity of the proceedings, keep your audience attentive and entertained, incorporate my own experience and flair on stage, and lend professional opinions to the running of the event.


It also means any panel discussions you might include are moderated independently but with an informed voice used to live interviewing. 

At the actual event I make the introductions and handle housekeeping notifications.

I set the overall tone you want and introduce the objectives and agenda for the event.

"Thank goodness I hired Clare.

She understood my messaging and goals for the event almost better than I did and it was wonderful to have her professional expertise keeping everything on track...

- Hedley Rees, 

Managing Consultant, 

PharmaFlow Ltd.

I will prepare for your approval, a well-written and researched script that reflects all current trends and issues around the event subject but with the tone and message you require.


On the day I use the script as a guide - but don’t ‘read’ from it! And of course, I ad-lib and react to all the different things that will happen, handling glitches and timing issues professionally and charmingly. 


I aim to always bring extra value to the party, and the earlier I’m booked the more you will gain. I have a lot of advice to offer based on my wealth of experience at events to include things you may not have thought of, to help you avoid making expensive mistakes.


(...such as shelling out for expensive staging and videography before making sure you’ve got actually got confirmed bums on seats - believe me, it happens! )

I can help with pre, during, and post event social media promotion, if that’s appropriate for you. I’m happy to record a video message for you to share to help promote the event, and also interview some of the booked speakers to further help promotion.

If you are planning on holding an event please get in touch to find out how I can help. 

I’m there to provide context and make introductions for each speaker/presentation. My hosting links all the sessions together and extracts the main points as the day progresses. 


Lauren Chiren, Founder

Women of A Certain Stage

Clare is an absolute superstar and consummate professional.

Two weeks prior to a corporate event I was running in Bristol, I had been let down by my host

and had the good fortune to meet Clare.


This was when I realised just how much stress a true Presenter takes off your hands

and the amount of preparation that is required to make that happen.


We walked through the plans for the day, the speakers biographies, PR and photography expectations.

Clare wrote her scripts, sent them over to me for approval and

delivered them with panache and humour on the day.

Clare is a sassy lady, absolutely willing to step in and help out and totally put my mind at ease.

There is no doubt that I will book Clare for all future events & simply hope she is available!

Bart Freedman, Global VP

Sales & Marketing, Anritsu

I had the opportunity to work with Clare at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

 where she organised and hosted a hugely important executive customer engagement event for our company.


I can say, without question, that Clare did an outstanding job

ensuring that the executive engagement dinner was extremely successful, largely due to her overall professionalism,

her attention to detail and her larger-than-life personality.


Through these attributes, Clare was able to make the room come alive

and create an "event for the ages" for our company that will always be remembered.


Largely as a result of her efforts, we elected to re-book for the next year's event.”