C L A R E    F O R E S T I E R


M Y   B R A N D   B L U E P R I N T





  • 20+ years of experience as a BBC reporter and a presenter in broadcast news

  • 7 years’ experience as a professional emcee, hosting events for multinational clients including Mitel, KPMG and Logitech

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism, BA Honours degree in English Literature & Modern History

  • NLP Coach Practitioner

  • Experienced Presentation and Media trainer for multinational clients and C Suite executives, including: AstraZeneca, Skanska & Unilever

  • A dynamic and masterful communicator, exceptional at simplifying complex ideas

  • Highly articulate with a succinct ‘no-nonsense,’ and sassy style using humour and self-deprecation

  • Emotionally intelligent with superb linguistic skills

  • A charismatic and energetic host who delivers events with aplomb

  • A reliable team player who goes above and beyond to help all parties create events with the Wow factor

  • An intuitive knack for engaging an audience, reading the dynamics of a room and maintaining high energy

  • Deft at facilitating and guiding successful C-Suite level discussions

  • Slick, professional and unfazed by glitches, tech problems and on-the-day dramas

  • Continually investing in personal development, learning new skills and viewpoints to perform at my best



  • Gives my clients events the wow factor

  • Ensures panel discussions and interviews are deftly managed, perfectly paced and compelling

  • Provides clients with clarity and confidence and inspiration

  • Enables the client to handle all types of media questioning to deliver their message with confidence and aplomb

  • Guarantees a professional, experienced and safe pair of hands is on stage

  • The audience is well looked after, engaged and entertained

  • Makes the client look good to audience and prospects

  • Gives kudos to event organisers

  • Makes the event appear smooth and seamless

  • Makes the room come alive

  • Maintains energy, humour and engagement




  • I provide my clients with true peace of mind, reassured that a trusted professional is looking after their audience

  • I leave them elated, confident and inspired following an awesome event

  • I give them confidence and clarity on how to deliver awesome presentations and public speaking engagements

  • I ensure they feel excited and in control ready to take on challenging (tricky/difficult) interviews and ace media appearances





My super power is that I’m a master communicator. That means I’m brilliant at keeping audiences engaged, intuitively reading a room, injecting and maintaining high levels of energy and creating the wow factor for my clients




Fairness: This is the quality of making judgments that are free from discrimination. Honesty, trustworthiness, unbiased and equal opportunities to benefit.

Trust: To me this means being caring (as a motivation for being trusted) being reliable (sincere, true to my word) and competent (being able to do the job I agree to do)

Appreciation: To be appreciated means that you are encouraged, you hear words of affirmation, are recognised, valued and praised for the role you have performed


Humour: This to me is a way to defuse uncomfortableness, to build a sense of community between people in a happy and positive way, lightening awkward situations and helping people smile and feel warmth and enjoyment


Openness: This is about a willingness to learn and be open to new opportunities and opinions. It’s also about transparency, honesty and being fair to all.





Smart, friendly, witty, extrovert, sassy, energetic, inquisitive, and honest




Lively and Skilfully Hosted events Delivered with Aplomb




Meet my ideal client, Katie.


Katie is late 30s, married with two children aged 5 and 9, and has recently moved from the city to her a home in the ‘burbs.


She is fun and lively but also very stressed, over commits to things and ends up with too much to do and very busy days. She’s quite a control freak and wants to be on top of everything. She’s really into her career but also wants the perfect home and to be the great PTA mom at the same time.

At work Katie reads the events and marketing publications and lots of LinkedIn articles. For fun she reads Red, Grazia & interiors magazines. Growing up, her family traditionally voted Republican but her husband votes Democrat. She considers herself to be a modern feminist, would hate to be called a racist and is pro-choice but is more right wing than she likes to admit, and wishes there was a middle ground She loves Michelle Obama for example, but thought Barack was too wishy washy politically. Her guilty pleasure is watching Fox News but she also worships Oprah and Brené Brown. She’s really quite conflicted!


Katie’s hobbies are doing up her new home, learning to cook for the supper parties she plans to have when she has more time, and keeping fit with gym and exercise classes. She also loves the increasingly rare cocktail evenings she spends in the city with her girlfriends. She thinks Europeans are “super cool” and loves the French girl look. However she worries it looks too messy, so she gets regular mani pedis and has an expensive blow dry habit to wear with her work uniform of jeans, Tory Burch flats and French Vogue editor style blazer jackets.


Katie has an important role in marketing and events in a large corporate organisation, and a demanding boss. She is responsible for all the events and there’s a lot of pressure on her to get these right.


The company is modernising and needs and wants to hold great events for internal and external clients. However, the board is afraid of too much change and being seen as too modern even though all the branding and marketing experts are pointing them that way. It means Katie has a balancing act to keep all stakeholders happy with these events.


Katie’s managed to convince her boss that they need a great host to help pull this off, but she worried she won’t be able to find the right person and is fearful of the impact of lacklustre events on her standing and credibility in the company.


There are a lot of events big and small planned for the year, and she needs a host who can keep the boss happy but also work well with her.


The business needs a host who is energetic, authoritative, charismatic and professional with great credentials and the right background and experience. But Katie needs them to be non-cheesy, friendly, and a great team player. Katie wants them to be European and laid back and relatable, but also super slick on stage and impressive enough for her boss to be wowed.

It’s keeping her up at night as she knows that a lot is riding on this and she feels she won’t be able to control things as she likes without this person on board, and the fear of failure is really stressing her out.



Why Me?


I’m a professional and charismatic host with a BBC background who delivers and emcees events for global clients with aplomb. I’m highly articulate with a succinct, ‘no-nonsense’ and sassy style, telling it how it is with humour and self-deprecation. I have an intuitive knack for engaging audiences, quickly reading the dynamics of a room and maintaining high energy levels. Slick, professional and unfazed by glitches, tech problems and on-the-day dramas, I can be counted on as a team player who always goes above and beyond to help clients deliver events with the wow factor.




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  • Elegant

  • Pure

  • Fresh



  • Energising

  • Confident

  • Expert


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