Presentation Training

Most modern business roles require you to make important presentations.


Perhaps you have to give sales and networking pitches,  show off in important career interviews and engage with journalists to promote what you do.

  • Do you wish you had more confidence in your skills to exploit these opportunities? 

  • Perhaps you dislike public speaking and find it hard to get your message across? 

  •  Are you worried you sound corporate and boring and struggle to engage the audience? 

  • Do you know you are failing to showcase your talents properly? 

Whether you’re brand new at public speaking or want to improve your presenting abilities, you know that boosting your communication skills will help you in so many ways.

It will help you communicate better in all parts of your life, increase your confidence, and comfort level in social situations, help you run meetings, improve your telephone skills and advance your career.



My training will help you present your best self to others and give you tips and tricks to help you feel more confident when engaging with any kind of audience.


You’ll learn:


  • the ingredients of a good message

  • how to hold rapport with the audience

  • techniques to reduce anxiety and build confidence

  • skills to help deliver your own style and increase impact


This is for you if you want to:


  • Make the most of your presentation opportunities

  • Enjoy public speaking

  • Boost your confidence

  • Communicate with impact

  • Talk to all kinds of audiences


My training will show you how to influence the audience. I will demonstrate techniques to control discussions and interviews

I will teach you how adjust key messaging to your personal style.  It will boost your confidence and personal impact: teaching you how to improve vocal expression, breathing, body language

Alice McCullagh,  Head of Cities, Dyson

I’m so grateful to Clare who coached me to have the confidence and content to deliver engaging presentations

and panel discussions with impact.


Understanding my challenges, Clare supported me with specific training sessions to equip me with the skills and

tactics I needed to speak to an audience of over one hundred.

I would recommend Clare to anyone wanting support in public speaking and presentations. Thanks! 

Johnny Davis, Senior Manager PWC UK

Clare brings incredible energy and insight to her coaching sessions, she was able to quickly ascertain the areas of my interview technique that I needed to focus on and we quickly put strategies in place to help make an immediate impact.


Without a doubt, my interview would not have gone half as well if it wasn’t for the guidance and coaching that Clare provided.


Her own experience as a journalist combined with her personable working style puts her head and shoulders above other

coaches I’ve worked with and I won’t hesitate to give Clare a call next time I need some help.

I talk from real life hard earned experience. I didn't pick up my craft on a course learning how to teach media training.  My 20+ year career as a broadcast journalist taught me how to create authentic connections and make an impact on every kind of audience.


I don’t just share the techniques of successful rhetoric. I will work with you on both the content and the delivery of your presentations, helping you develop a delivery style that fits YOU, that gets your message across and engages the audience.

I happily work with clients in a variety of different ways: with individuals, through workshops and training days or delivering motivational speeches at events.


I’d love to talk to you about how I can help you enjoy public speaking and make audiences love listening to you.