121 60-Minute Coaching

Talking confidently at meetings and making presentations is a vital skill but doing it well doesn’t always come naturally.


Do you find it nerve-racking? Is your audience failing to engage? Are you even boring yourself?


If you’d like to feel confident at online presenting, enjoy it AND blow your audience away ..then  

book a 60-minute coaching call with me.

I learnt the hard way how to engage audiences in my 20-year career as a journalist which means I can help you solve your issues quickly and effectively.

I'll pass on all the tips and advice I've picked up to help boost your confidence so you can give amazing presentations. 


So click the link, book in and let’s get going!


I ask you to fill in some questions so I can help prepare the best session for you and afterwards I’ll send you notes of the session and the recording.



For a one-hour 121 online training session with Clare dedicated to solving YOUR issues quickly and effectively, leaving you confident and excited about online presentations.


A recording of the training with notes after the session.


Before the session, I will send a detailed questionnaire for you to fill in to ensure we make the most of the whole session.


"I’m so grateful to Clare who coached me to have the confidence to deliver 

engaging presentations with impact!”         

Alice McCullagh,

Head of Cities, Dyson

Do you wish you were confident at online presenting? 


Would you like to enjoy making pitches at online meetings?


Do you want people to hear your talks and give you incredible feedback?

For you like to be so confident in your delivery that all you have to work on is your content?

Have fun and get excited about that interview, pitch or presentation. Know you can blow your audience away