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"Clare helps people exploit their media opportunities, make fantastic speeches and hold awesome events."

What I do...


Read more  about my work hosting corporate events, and chairing live panel and round table conversations

Discover how I can  ensure  you are ready to make the most of every media opportunity 

Find out how my presentation training will  help improve your confidence and public speaking

Learn about my extensive experience working on radio and TV, and presenting  corporate videos 

About me...

During my  wide-ranging career as a broadcast journalist, I have  worked as newsreader, presenter, reporter, producer and editor across national and local BBC, commercial radio, ITN and the British Forces Broadcasting Service.

As a TV and radio reporter I have  interviewed people from all walks of life, politicians, terrorists and celebrities.

And in business I have carried out Fortune 500 executive interviews,  and hosted corporate events and roundtable discussions dealing with a variety of subjects and industries.

I use  the skills developed in my 20 year career  to  train people in media and presentation skills and act as a host (MC, Emcee) at corporate events.

What people say...

Luigi Pedalino,

VP Crum & Forster an informed and masterful communicator, Clare is a thoughtful and very effective spokesperson for our industry. I highly recommend her

Caitroina McCusker,

Lead Consulting Partner

for Education


Clare is a skilled and confident coach who expertly tailors the session to suit the needs of the participants. She shares her own experiences and learnings which helps to bring her sessions to life. 


I would not hesitate to recommend Clare to executives looking to improve their approach, delivery and presence at speaking engagements and when talking to the media.”


Charles Cai,

Chief Data Intelligence Officer, McDonald's China

 I highly recommend Clare for round tables, interviews or media training around innovations, digital transformation, Analytics 3.0 and Industry 4.0 etc with C-level senior executives!